Wholesale Terms & Conditions

I certify that purchases from Waist Trainer UK Wholesale Division are for resale purposes, and that I, the buyer, am a merchant engaged in the business of reselling or retailing.


Any Reseller having 2 or more websites, stores, ecommerce channels or similar sales channels, agrees that violating this agreement in only one of them will result in the termination of the commercial relationship in all Dealer’s Retail or Wholesale locations.

Waist Trainer UK will frequently monitor reseller sites or marketplaces either directly or via the use of 3rd party agencies or tools to ensure compliance. This policy may be enforced without notice when in violation. This policy has been established by Waist Trainer UK to help protect the reputation of the Ann Chery Brand.


Orders can be placed online in a matter of minutes. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments and our online orders are secured by 3D secure. We now have multiple languages, currencies and international size guides to make ordering easier wherever in the world you are. Promotional codes are not valid on wholesale purchases.


Any dates quoted for delivery are approximates only and are subject to any matter beyond the Waist Trainer UK or its delivery partners reasonable control. Waist Trainer UK shall not be liable for any delay in delivery of the goods howsoever caused. Any claim for faulty items or short delivery/incorrect items must be notified in writing within 2 days of delivery.

International Delivery

Shipping cost is determined by the shipping weight. Invoices do not include local import duties and taxes. If these charges are not paid upon delivery then the order will automatically be returned back to us. We reserve the right to apply a dispatch and 10% restock fee against the purchase amount. Delivery costs will not be refunded. Any claim for faulty items or short delivery/incorrect items must be notified in writing within 2 days of delivery. 


The Reseller may sell on the goods actively only in the course of its normal business (retailing) i.e. only to end consumers since sales to retailers are reserved by Waist Trainer UK. I understand that I am a merchant selling under my own business name. I am not under the Waist Trainer UK or Ann Chery company and therefore Waist Trainer UK or Ann Chery any other variation of the name cannot be used as my business name or website url.

The sale of Goods via the internet is permitted, however domain names containing the Ann Chery brand name or Waist Trainer UK are not to be registered by the Reseller.


Registered Resellers can use the images of any product bought from Waist Trainer UK. Pictures should be used ONLY for re-selling of the product and not for Marketing/Advertising/Promotional activities outside your own retail shop or website. I understand that images may not be altered in any manner. Including cropping the image to remove the head of the model. The full garment should be displayed from the top of the models head to the bottom of the cincher/garment. Images may not be be used to sell or promote any other brand. Failure to do so will result in termination of your wholesale account.


Reseller agrees to hold all trademarks of Ann Chery as the property of Ann Chery and use Ann Chery advertising materials provided by Waist Trainer UK in an authorised manner only. The Reseller shall not make any modifications to goods or their packaging, or alter, remove or tamper with any trademarks used on or in relation to the goods. Ann Chery trademarks and it’s intellectual property rights remain vested in the Ann Chery company at all times and this agreement shall not grant the Reseller any right to reproduce the trademarks without the consent of the Ann Chery.

You may download a copy of this policy here for future reference if you wish.

Acknowledgement of these Wholesale Terms & Conditions includes your acknowledgement and agreement to the general Terms & Conditions.