Waist Training while Exercising

The secret to getting that snatched slimmer Waist is a combination of Waist Training, Working Out and watching what you eat. Doing so will help your waist look slimmer and will also keep your posture on point. Make sure to squeeze in at least a 30 minute Workout everyday and stay hydrated particularly whilst wear your Waist Trainer.

Is Waist Training suitable for Me?

If you have to stand or sit for long periods of the day, have back pain, poor posture, have gained some unwanted weight, have an event to attend, just had a baby, or just want to feel better about your body, Waist Training is for you!

Waist Training can assist in aligning your core and toning your waist and midsection as well as supporting your back and straightening your posture. This daily practice can help boost your confidence, encourage you to exercise and assist in helping you to make more healthy nutritional choices.

Nothing else compares to the Confidence boost you feel from wearing a Waist Trainer. It gives you a slimmer but more curvier silhouette INSTANTLY. The psychological benefit from wearing a waist trainer is surprising and underrated! Your posture is instantly improved and this doesn't only mean that you sit up or stand straighter, an upright posture is the shape of confidence.

It is important to build up your core strength through exercise in addition to Waist Training because otherwise, you would just rely on the Waist Training Corset for those muscles and not actually use them. 

The Waist Trainer may feel compressive and tight until you get used to it. This is because it is designed to be a few inches smaller than your natural waistline. This is why you need to gradually build up to wearing it for longer periods of time. Your body will become accustomed to it quickly. It should not interfere with your breathing. Don't push yourself and listen to your body – if you feel any kind of pain, pinching or pressure remove the Waist Trainer

When Waist Training is paired with healthy eating and exercise, the results are stunning. The Waist Trainer is a strong tool to use for weight loss encouragement. It also will give you confidence to adopt a healthier lifestyle. You will notice when you are wearing your Waist Trainer that you are unable to eat larger meals because your stomach is constricted. This is a healthy advantage as it will encourage you to eat more nutritionally balanced meals and less stodgy bloating foods. Eat little and often, so smaller meals more frequently. This will help to improve your metabolism.

Be sure to stay properly hydrated. Another key benefit of the Waist Trainer is that it helps to increase of thermal activity to your core area. This will increase perspiration. The more you perspire, the more you need to replace those lost fluids.

Do wear it during weight training. The waist trainer will keep your abs tight and back straight and help you sweat extra during your workout. It may lead to quicker inch loss and weight loss. 

Do not wear the waist trainer while doing core workout on the ground. This is optional but the waist trainer may feel restrictive and by having 


Will a Waist Trainer give me Abs?

although these are ideal for any level of workout intensity, particularly cardio, we do advise against wearing them for abdominal exercises i.e. sit-ups, crunches etc or exercises involving bending i.e yoga, pilates. If you find it more difficult to feel or engage your core while wearing the corset, skip it.

Wear the waist trainer on the tightest hooks only if it feels comfortable. Do not push your body and tighten your waist trainer to the point where you feel restricted or short of breath. This means your waist trainer is too tight and you should remove it.

Get yourself a high-quality waist trainer. Quality is important when it comes to waist trainers as the quality determines the effectiveness, comfort and durability of your waist trainer. A highly recommended brand is Ann Chery. This brand offers fashionable waist trainers made from high quality materials. Read more here about what to look for in a high quality waist trainer vs. low quality

The Sportss Latex Waist Trainer is specifically designed for workouts as it is a lot more flexible allowing you to work on your core at the time as shaping your waist and getting the results! Shed your excess belly fat with this fantastic product. It is to be worn any time you are going to be active. This workout waist trainer will help maximize your sweat sessions while ensuring strong support for your midsection. 

If you haven’t already bought your Workout Waist Trainer, head over to waist-trainer.uk and order yourself one now!

Waist trainers immediately sculpt the midsection through compression, while supporting the back and lifting the bust, creating an overall slimmer and curvier silhouette. They support long-term slimming by increasing thermal activity and perspiration. This mobilizes fat and toxins, maximising the work your muscles do everyday. 


Waist reduction and reshaping requires consistency. The best results are achieved with combining the use of this product with a healthy diet plan, drinking 2-3 litres of water each day, ensuring you get your 5-a-day and trying to cut out takeaways, sugar and unhealthy snacks. Don't forget your cheat day ladies, but try not to over indulge and effect your progress!  

Waist Trainer strongly recommends that you consult with your physician before beginning any exercise program. You should be in good physical condition and be able to participate in the program.

Please consult your G.P. or physician prior to use if you are subject to back, neck, circulatory or other conditions that  ...


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