Waist Trainers

At Waist Trainer UK we believe every woman should be able to feel and look great. We offer high quality waist trainers and shape wear to give you the confidence and look you desire.

Waist training is a great way to help you get in shape. Waist trainers help by improving posture, reducing appetite and increase perspiration during exercise, which results in toxins and impurities being released from the body.

We recommend you start using your waist trainer on the first set of clasps for 2-4 hours per day. When you become more comfortable you can increase the duration one hour at a time. Once you are able to wear your waist trainer for a day, you can begin to use the second set of clasps.

Our waist trainer is designed to help tighten your waist and add more definition to your shape. Weight loss is not guaranteed through the use of a waist trainer, it is recommended that you follow a healthy diet and exercise regularly in order to see the best results.

Our waist trainer is a great alternative to corsets, which often can lead to severe health issues such as difficulty with breathing and digestion.

To get the best out of your waist trainer, we advise you to hand wash with a gentle non scented detergent and lay flat to air dry.

Our waist trainers are made using latex. The lining is 96% cotton and 4% Spandex for extra comfort.