Waist Trainer Before & After

Our tummy flattering Waist Trainers are made with comfortable and effective stretch fabrics to give you that enviable Hourglass Curve!
Before & After Photo's

Left: without waist trainer, Right with waist trainer

These feminine and smartly designed Waist Training girdles flatten your tummy and accentuate your curves smoothing love handles and tummy flab for a streamlined silhouette. 

The Waist Trainers are discreet enough to wear under most types of clothing for instant Waist Shaping and long term results. Compressive and firm, the Waist Trainers instantly reduces the waistline and keep you moving freely about your day or during your workout, offering you the ultimate Waist Training experience. 

Made in Colombia with the most innovative technology and decades of experience, Ann Chery is the ultimate Waist Trainer.


The Waist Trainers create a smooth line around the outer curves of the body but because Ann Chery only use high quality thick latex and flexiboning, it makes them so much stronger. They will not roll up or down, and the sculpted shape helps to slim down your midsection creating a much more defined shape which is generally “slimmer” than “standard” shapewear can create.


The compression element of both the male and female Waist Trainers gives support to the lower back muscles and many people find this reduces back pain. “Computer back” is a common problem caused by, for example, sitting at a desk or generally not sitting or standing up straight. Waist Trainers can be very beneficial in this regard. However, Ann Chery or Waist Trainer UK are not qualified to give any medical advice and it is always recommended the consumer should seek professional advice in the event of such back problems.


Because the Waist Trainers don’t role up or down and they are position immediately under the bust. The effect of wearing an Waist Trainer under the bust tends to lift the bust in practice and give them a fuller appearance.


Because Waist Trainers are designed to be reasonably tight fitting, they create a “micro-massage” effect as the body moves. This and the latex material creates a Thermal compression which helps to mobilise fat cells. You may also experience a suppressed appetite during Waist Training which means you may feel better eating "little and often". This is turn will boost your metabolism.


Waist Trainers and girdles encourage a better standing and sitting posture, this adds to the improvement in appearance and reduces general stress on the core muscles.


In a similar way to the back support, the stomach muscles are also supported which is particularly relevant after giving birth. Waist Trainers should never be used to replace the natural improvement of core muscles that can be achieved through core exercise, but as a support tool. They are excellent to assist in your post natal recovery.


In addition to the benefits described above, Waist Trainers products sustain your back bone in strenous exercise such as weight lifting or weight training. They can also help to maximise the effects of cardio workouts due to the thermal compression created around your midsection whilst wearing the Waist Trainer.


Our Ann Chery Waist Trainers are made from a premium high compressive, medical grade latex, which reduces inches from your waistline immediately, while providing maximum compression and comfort. Waist Trainer UK does not sell cheap, low quality imitations as found elsewhere on eBay. Beware of these poorer quality products which are usually manufactured in China.


Use only a couple of hours to start with and then increase slowly. Maximum wear is to 8 to 10 hours every day.

  • Internal Flexible Boning prevents garment from rolling up
  • Double or Triple row of hook & eye clasps for compression regulation
  • Sleek latex interior, with cotton interior
  • Firmly pull the two ends together at the waist
  • Starting at the very bottom, begin fastening and work your way up until all clasps are secure
    All Waist Trainers and Shapewear products are warranted against factory defects for up to 30 days from date of purchase. Item must be used as intended. The correct sizing is the responsibility of the purchaser.