How to Clean a Latex Waist Trainer

Waist Trainers are designed to encourage perspiration and to be worn for several hours a day. This will mean it ends up quite sweaty. Cleaning your waist trainer is an important part of the process and full care instructions are provided on the packaging. If you do not clean or wipe them down them regularly, eventually they will start to smell and may even start to mould.


Since waist trainers are made for the most part of latex, putting them in the washer can cause your waist trainer to literally melt in front of your eyes and your product will be completely ruined!

To extend the life of your waist trainer, please follow these recommendations:

  • Hand wash to promote Waist Trainers life, using simply hot soapy water (mild detergent) and a soft wash cloth to wipe it down.
  • Do not submerge it or put it to soak in the water.
  • Rinse it well using the same technique but just plain water.
  • Air-dry your Waist Trainer to keep fabric from shrinking and losing elasticity. It is important to let it sit out and dry for a few hours. Again, these are made of latex and if not left out to dry, they can rot and mould! 
  • Do not iron body shapers
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not tumble dry
  • Store your Waist Trainer out of direct sunlight. The reason for this is that when waist trainers are exposed to the sun for longer periods of time, they will start to lose their color and not