This section contains the aggressive waist trainers; the Waist Training section. The waist training shapers in this section are designed to reduce your waist size by up to 2 or 54inches when tightened to the last row of hooks, so they are designed for people with some serious compression in mind. If you are thinking of taking body reshaping to the next level, wearing one of these waist trainers will leave you with a much smaller waist even when you’re not wearing the waist trainer.

These are some superior quality waist trainers, not least in the design of the flexi boning. Spiral steel bones are woven into these garments which are layered from medical grade latex, which will allow you to really cinch that waist. So whether you’re looking to wear for short periods for that temporary hourglass look, or are looking for something a little more permanent, these can be worn as both underwear and outerwear or our latex waist trainers which will help you on your body shaping journey.

Waist Trainer

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