Waist Trainers are not to be confused with a Steel Boned Corset 

Waist Trainers are not to be confused with a Steel Boned Corset 

In order to achieve an ultra tiny waist like Dita Von Teese, the waist and the ribcage (lower ribs) must be minimised. This is achieved by wearing a traditional corset. These corsets are made out of super strong steel bones which are woven into the corset along with the heavy duty cord tight lacing at the back of the corsets, which allows you to really cinch in your waist, designed for serious body reshaping in mind. 

"It’s funny because I’m watching the (waist training) trend and it’s like the blind leading the blind. People that actually know a lot about corsetry are not the ones publically speaking about it. And I’m seeing some of these latex waist trainers and I’m like, ‘That doesn’t work.’ They’re like stretchy fabric. If you really want to get into corset training you should probably look into real steel boned corset makers that have been doing it for decades and decades. Waist trainers are just a fast fix. If you put on a corset and you pull the strings tight, you instantly have this silhouette and it’s great – but it’s not going to modify your body if you’re not engaged in the serious continual regimen of corset training." 

Burlesque Queen - Dita von Teese

Dita's extreme hourglass figure is attained as a result of the moving of floating ribs and the reduction of space in her abdomen. This practice permanently reshapes the cartilage that connects your lower ribs to the breastbone. The corset training practice forcefully slims your ribcage beyond your natural waist shape which can be dangerous to your health. These corsets are designed to dramatically reduce your waist size by up to 6 or 7 inches when tightened to their fullest.


A) The natural position of internal organs
B) The position after continual corset training /tight lacing 
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

If you’re going to try traditional Corset Training be aware of the many risks involved. Our Latex Waist Trainers are not to be confused with these traditional steel boned corset practices. Colombian Latex Waist Trainers are made from Medical Latex and FlexBoning support inserts that bend with you, always contouring to your bodys natural shape which can never create enough pressure to reshape your lower ribs or disrupt your internal organs.

With advancements in today's technology, using a Waist Trainer to reduce inches in your waist is much safer and less expensive than it previously was. Today, latex is used for it’s versatility, firm yet comfortable fit and durability.

We encourage you carry out your waist training journey safely and advise you to do your own research before purchasing to establish if Waist Training with a Latex Waist Training or Corset Training with a Steel Boned Corset is right for you. Please take into account any medical issues that may arise, and ideally consult your G.P. beforehand.


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