Waist Trainer for Workout Out

Waist Trainer for Workout Out

Using a Waist Trainer during workouts creates compression in your core, increasing thermal activity and ramping up perspiration. This stimulates sweating, accelerating the belly fat burning process. The process allows toxins & impurities to exit the skin, while mobilizing fat cells. It also provides back support. Combine with healthy eating and an active lifestyle and lose 1-4 inches off your waistline in one month.

Our Latex Waist Trainers are a perfect addition to your workout routine! Here is a compilation of our favourite Waist Trainer Workouts.

Romanian Deadlifts 

Target Muscles -  Hamstrings



Barbell Hip Thrust

Targets Muscles - Glutes


Donkey Kicks with Weight 

Targets Muscles - Glutes


Wall Ball Squat 

Targets Muscles - Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads & Calves

Using a large stability ball, squat against a wall and hold for as long as possible. This exercise will mainly strengthen the quads but the butt, hip, calf, back of thigh, low back, abs, and side abs are all used during.

Laying Down Leg Raises 

Targets Muscles - Oblique Muscles

This tricky exercise will work wonders on your abs. Most people are able to build visible upper abs but lower abs are harder to create. This exercise target the lower belly and obliques for an instant burn. Precision and stability are key, swinging the hips or using the arms to pull the body up is a big no no. You can increase the intensity of most leg raises by holding a dumbbell between your feet or by wearing ankle weights.


Targets Muscles - Transverse abs, Obliques, Glutes

Planks are a phenomenal exercise for core strengthening, as they engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Try planks with accompanying side twists, crunches with weights, and a fancy set of leg lifts to get you core into shape. 

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