What is a Waist Trainer and How does it work?


We are a trusted UK based company specialising in Latex Waist Trainers by Ann Chery. Comfortable, easy-to-wear women's waist training corsets that instantly slim, slim your waist and enhance your midsection. We deliver to the UK and across Europe, including Spain, France, Germany, Brussels, Switzerland and Worldwide with a huge population of customers in the USA.

Whatever the occasion or look, we carry a variety of Waist Trainer solutions. From Aggressive Waist Trainers that create dramatic change, to minimal Sport Latex Waist Trainers that maximise your workout results. Whether you’re looking to slim and shape your waist, round your bottom, or bounce back to your pre-baby body, the right Waist Trainer can be the breakthrough you’ve been waiting for.

"I've used this item for 6 months. Well worth Every Penny I purchased this item 6 months ago. Its fantastic and I can recommend it highly. Really supports my lower back while I do intense kettlebell workouts. Because my troublesome lower abs are now fully engaged, I've noticed they've become a LOT flatter and I'm developing a nice 6 pack. Awesome:OD" Jacqueline - Waist Trainer UK Customer

Jacqueline is one of a growing number of women in the UK who have turned to waist training to smooth down their stomachs and create hourglass curves, following in the footsteps of a whole host of celebrities. 

Jacqueline isn't the only one benefiting. Check out more Waist Trainer UK glowing reviews here. This celebrity-endorsed practice can really shrink your stomach and reshape your waist, but the big question on everyones lips is ...

How do Waist Trainers Work?...

Waist training is a gradual process of waist reduction using a waist trainer (or for more extreme and dramatic results - a steel boned corset). Waist Trainer UK's high quality reshaping waist trainer is a made with a unique medical grade latex material which helps attacks unwanted inches around your waist through thermal compression.

The thermogenisis created through the thermal compression results in perspiration. Similar to when to you exercise or workout - you sweat. Sweating is known as the "natural detox." When you sweat, toxins and other waste products are expelled from your body through your pours. While wearing a waist trainer, the firm compression will help to reduce food volume intake which will help you achieve the healthier practice of smaller meals, more often, rather than three large meals a day. This boosts you metabolism.

Waist training is intended as a means of waist reduction and re-shaping. It is a practice requiring discipline and long term results are best achieved when combined in conjunction with a health diet and regularly exercise. It’s no good waist training and exercising if you are eating more than you’re burning off.

Thermogenesis is a metabolic process during which your body burns calories to produce heat. Thermogenesis can also be further induced by partaking in really heart beating, sweat creating exercise, particularly cardio. The stomach is the hardest area to lose weight as many of you know. By wearing a Waist Trainer whilst you workout you are able to target your midsection, which will maximise the results of your workout! Thermogenesis promotes weight loss because it increases your body's calorie burn. Although inducing thermogenesis can help you burn more calories, a low-calorie diet and regular physical activity are the best ways for you to lose body weight.

During exercise, your muscle cells burn calories in order to provide energy for muscle contraction. Although most of the energy goes to propel the contraction, considerable amount of the energy is "lost" as heat. This thermogenic process is the reason your body temperature rises during exercise and why you begin to sweat. The harder you exercise, the more energy is wasted as heat. Although the major energy-burning effect of exercise is still the actual muscle contraction, you do burn a considerable amount of calories as heat and the more calories you burn, the more weight you can lose.

 The Company...

Waist Trainer UK founder set up the business in late 2013 when it was identified how hot the trend was in the US. There was clearly a gap in the UK & European market and demand was huge with the first batch of Waist Trainers selling out in just 2 weeks. To date we have sold over 400'000.

The company founder is a mum herself and so fully appreciates the struggle to try and get a flat stomach tried back after childbirth. She had tried everything from sit-ups to personal training, to fad diets. She says: "I even considered liposuction, but I kept seeing people in waist trainers on Instagram so I bought one, and it started working straight away."

No matter your Waist Trainer does for your figure, the most important thing is what it does for your confidence. In the right waist trainer, you’ll feel strong, sexy and secure and everyone else will see it. Get started today on your journey to a better you!


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