Postpartum - Waist Training after having a baby


Waist Training with mum's and your postpartum bodies is nothing new. In saying this, many people still hold onto their post baby body for many years after giving birth. 

Returning to your old body shape is hard work, I don't need to tell you. Here in Europe, you've no doubt struggled with time as a new or old mum. People often don't realize how stressful and time consuming being a mum in today's world actually is. It's hard to make that difference to your body, in order to speed up the bodies natural recovery to being pregnant and/or giving birth.

Many people before you have used waist training to speed up the natural process of the body returning to it's pre-baby shape. Celebrities like Jessica Alba used one for 3 months and said it was "not for everyone" but "it was sweaty but worth it" to get her body looking fantasic again. Real Housewives of Atlanta's Kim Zolciak said "I trained after my 5th baby and the results were dramatic". We certainly don't deny her results were dramatic, see for yourself...

So how exactly would waist training help with your post baby body? Let's look at some facts.

  • Diastasis Recti - The seperation of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy is able to return much faster to it's original position. Essentially the waist trainer works like a supportive splint as it allows your muscles to return without having the added pressure to work as hard to hold your core at the same time. Doctors sometimes recommend this as a supportive measure.
  • General shaping - Your body, your organs and your additional fat from your pregnancy leaves you with some much needed shaping. When wearing a waist training corset after birth, the trainer allows your body to react much faster to the natural movement of muscles , organs and body fat as it is already holding those areas together for you.
  • Instant shape adjustment - You certainly won't be at a stage directly after birth where you might be happy with your body. You might need a small added bump to your confidence when you are heading out for the day. Wearing a waist training allows you to get those few extra inches to your shape and leave you feeling confident enough to wear something that really looks go on you, only days after giving birth.

In a similar way to the back support, the stomach muscles are also supported by the use of Waist Cinchers or Waist Trainers, which is particularly relevant after giving birth. Waist Trainers should never be used to replace the natural improvement of core muscles that can be achieved through core exercise, but as a support tool. They are excellent to assist in your post natal recovery.  

We recommend waiting a around a week after birth before wearing a trainer and around 2 weeks after if you have had a C-section - depending how well you have recovered initially. We always recommend listening to your body. It may feel a little uncomfortable at first, however waist training should never hurt.

If you have had a baby recently or even if it's been a while and you still need some help, we can only say try it and see for yourself. As Jessica Alba said, it might not be for everyone but it sure does work helping you get your body back to place you confident and happy again.

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