10 Quick Waist Training Tips


We get asked all the time for tips on starting, product care, sizing and all sorts of random questions about waist training and selecting the right corset for your training needs.

So we've decided to throw a few quick tips to help you get the most out of your waist trainer or to help you decided how or what to start with.

1. Get the right size. I can't stress this enough. We've done the tests, we know the sizes well. Measure up and get the size which is best for you. If you go slightly too small you won't be able to wear it. In saying this, getting two sizes sometimes is not a bad thing. Serious waist trainers will reduce their waist size and be able to wear the next size down at some stage. Think about it when selecting your size.

2. Start slow and get to know your waist trainer. Start with 2 hours a day and lead up to 8 hours a day over 2 weeks. You waist cincher will learn your body and your body will also learn the shape of the cincher. These 2 are different in shape and size when you first start so take it slow and do it right.

3. Stay hydrated. Yes you want results, but results won't come if you don't do it right. Waist training will reduce the size of your waist and also make the area to contain food and water smaller, which means you need to be aware of your water intake. Keep it up and allow your body to stay healthy and hydrated while you train.

4. Get 2 waist trainers. I know this might sound unnecessary but hear me out. Your waist trainer will need to breathe away from your body and will also need cleaning.You will need to prepare for the downtime of not being able to wear your trainer as it needs cleaning and drying. During this time, you can consider this as lost waist training time. Your 2nd corset will help you rotate during the cleaning process.

Beach body boho5. Wash your waist trainer. OK, this might sound simple, but you would be surprised how many people don't. The latex is delicate and you don't want to ruin your investment. Hand washing is recommended and allow to dry in a cooler shaded area. Never machine wash or tumble dry. Your waist training corset should be completely dry before you wear it again.

6. Keep your core strong. Working out your core muscles like your abdominals, lats, obliques and other muscles and muscles groups will allow your stability to strengthen while waist training. You will notice as soon as you wear a waist training cincher that your back will immediately be supported and your posture will be improved. When wearing for longer periods your core may have tendencies to rely on your trainer rather than your muscles as the would be used to. For this reason it's very important to keep your core strong.

7. Wait it out. Some people will get faster results than others and that is completely OK. Be patient. This is not a quick fix, it's one part of many to helping you get the shape you desire. Understand you are doing this as a long term commitment. Don't give up after a couple of weeks because you aren't happy with the results.

8. Understand you are going to get noticed. Some love to live the waist trainer culture and show off their new toy like it's a new baby and others prefer to tuck their waist trainers under their clothes so no-one knows what your secret is. Either way, be prepared to have eyes on you and potentially for people to ask questions of you and maybe even judge you. Understand your response now and be prepared for it. Always remember this is for you. Haters gonna hate. Lovers gonna love.

9. Eat healthy. I won't go into this too much, but please don't go stuffing your face with burgers and expect that your waist trainer will pick up the slack. It won't. This is a team effort between your exercise, your eating and your waist trainer.

10. Show us some love. Take a photo and show us your new waist trainer or even better, your results! We're on instagram and Facebook. You can stay anonymous if you prefer, tag us or use the hashtag #waisttraineruk

Ok, we lied, we're giving you 11 instead 10, but you know you deserve one more!

11. Enjoy the ride. You have done this for you. Reward yourself after reaching a milestone! The journey will be hard but very rewarding so we say you might as well enjoy it also! Perhaps, it's being able to train down to the next size down or the next notch. Either way, reward your yourself you've earned it!

Be sure to stick with us, if you order from us you will also have access to our in depth tips which come through to you periodically.

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